While developing web apps I use MAMP to run a server locally on my iMac. Usually I test my websites only locally and use Safari and Chrome, but this time I was curious if the infamous Internet Explorer would survive accessing my website and how well other devices like iPad and iPhone would handle it. So I would try to access my iMac with other devices which are connected to my local network.

The critical point here was the WordPress URL. I will describe briefly how to set it up properly, so that it can be viewed on other devices which are connected to the local network.

  • Open up Terminal, enter ipconfig getifaddr en0 and get your IP.
  • In MAMPs settings find out your Apache port, which is usually 80 or 8888
  • Access your wp-admin, navigate to your general settings and change localhost to if your IP is that arbitrary number I have chosen and 8888 is your Apache port

You are good to go.