While doing some work for the Physical Therapy Office I was faced with the challenge to fill the space within a table, more precisely the space within two rows, with dots.

Fill table space with dots in LaTeX

At first the answer was pretty obvious: the \dottfill command! But that will not work our properly, for there will remain margins on each side of every row, what will significantly compromise the aesthetics.

What needed to be done is to set the margins to zero on each side of every row. This has been achieved by modifying the tabular command. Usually your tabular command looks something like this


when you want your rows to be left aligned. But in order to achieve the desired look we need to put an @{} in front of and at the end of each row, what will eliminate the margins.

The tabular command should now look like the one below.


Having this done, the rest should not constitute a challenge anymore. I have added my final code snippet of the invoice I made below.


    Anzahl  &amp; \hspace{4.3em} &amp; Behandlungstyp &amp; 
    \multicolumn{1}{@{\hspace{7em}}r@{}}{} &amp; &amp; Einzelpreis &amp; 

    \multicolumn{2}{@{}l@{}}{\aa\dotfill} &amp; 
    \multicolumn{4}{@{}l@{}}{\ab\dotfill \ac} &amp; \dotfill \ad\\

    \multicolumn{2}{@{}l@{}}{\ba\dotfill} &amp; 
    \multicolumn{4}{@{}l@{}}{\bb\dotfill \bc} &amp; \dotfill \bd\\
    \multicolumn{2}{@{}l@{}}{\ca\dotfill} &amp; 
    \multicolumn{4}{@{}l@{}}{\cb\dotfill \cc} &amp; \dotfill \cd\\
    \multicolumn{2}{@{}l@{}}{\da\dotfill} &amp; 
    \multicolumn{4}{@{}l@{}}{\db\dotfill \dc} &amp; \dotfill \dd\\

\multicolumn{7}{@{}l@{}}{Gesamtforderung\dotfill \gesamt}\\

This small change in the tabular command will render, if properly implemented, the output at the top.